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Hey, I’m António Capelo, a Design-oriented Engineer.

I work mostly on the front-end stack, creating performant applications which are pleasant to use.

With almost a decade of web development experience, I consider myself a creative engineer who’s efficient in delivering high-quality products.

I’m focused on the end-user and in providing the best possible experience when interacting with the UI.

I work mostly with TypeScript, React, CSS and WebGL but I’m also versed in back-end solutions, CI/CD and testing.

Recent Work

front-end code at scale / framework-agnostic design systems / WebGL experiences


Pursuing the vision of a more global workplace


Talks & other projects

conference presentations / personal websites / apps

Simple web utility for building drum kits for the Teenage Engineering PO-33 sampler

PO-33 Drum kit builderBuilding journeys for 60+ countriesradio.capeloSketchbook8 Bars A WeekProps Per MinutePaletteLemongrassThe Case of the HydraSanity driven development


analog samplers / vintage synths / chill-hop / jazzy hip-hop

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